Cruisin’ Pueblo – 5/15/2014

Cruisin’ Pueblo – 5/15/2014 from Yago Perniciaro on Vimeo.

I spent some time trying to decide what my first blog post should be about and even wrote a couple (didn’t publish). I didn’t like any of them. There is plenty of advice around the web about what a first blog post should look like, but I didn’t listen. I decided to blog about some of the things I do and am interested in. A recent outing combined two of my interests; outdoor activities and video.

I was recently invited to a Cruisin’ Pueblo event by a friend. It was their first ride of the year. The group meets at Bingo Burger at 101 Central Plaza in Pueblo, Colorado, between 6pm – 6:30pm. There was a New Belgium Brewery representative giving out free samples of beer out on the patio and a signup sheet to enter a contest to win a Fat Tire bicycle. A crowd of different types of people, age groups, and cycling experience, gathered in and outside of the restaurant. There were familiar and new faces among them, as well as a couple of friends.

After several announcements by the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers, the ride began. We cruised through Downtown Pueblo, up to Mineral Palace Park and then made our way to the Fountain Creek Trail off of East 8th Street. The group then traveled to Runyon Lake and then back north to Bingo Burger. I had a lot of fun and decided to go on more Cruisin’ Pueblo rides in the future.

The following Thursday was a cold and blustery Colorado spring day, so I skipped that ride. I went out and bought a bike mount for my GoPro Hero earlier in the week, so I was bummed that I could not try it out. Last Thursday, May 15th, was a beautiful partly sunny day. After work, I rode to the meeting spot and arrived close to 6:30pm. We got going around 6:50pm and headed toward Runyon Lake. On the previous ride, I pedaled at a more relaxed pace, but this time I attempted to stay with the leaders of the pack.

After passing the lake, we crossed the Fountain Creek  followed it north toward Colorado 47 (Highway 50) through Pueblo’s east side. The route continued south along Dillon Drive toward West 29th Street. We went under I-25 and traveled south on Greenwood Street and the over to Grand Avenue, which brought us back downtown and eventually Bingo Burger. This ride was much longer than the previous one I attended. If I’m correct, the cruise was almost 10 miles, not including the four miles I rode to get to the starting point, and took about 50 minutes for the first cyclists to arrive at the destination. After the cruise, some of the attendants went to Bingo Burger for food and beverage. Others went next door to the Downtown Bar for cold refreshments.

A rough map of the route:

Cruisin’ Pueblo is a community activity put together by Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.) and is supported by volunteers, and local businesses. The New Belgium Brewing Company, of Fort Collins, Colorado, is another supporter. For more info on Cruisin’ Pueblo, visit: and Pueblo has a great trail system, but it needs advocates and users to keep it ride-able. Sections of the trail on the east side are badly cracked and the trail near the mall does not seem to be maintained at all. It is also a honorable mission to support community health and outdoor activities, especially when Pueblo County is ranked 49th of 57 Colorado counties, in overall health (

I used my GoPro to document the ride, but my bike mount wasn’t secured correctly (still haven’t figured out why it won’t tighten all the way). I also have a clunky, old, pawnshop Gary Fisher mountain bike and the rattling and grinding parts are very audible. I cut the footage down from over 45 minutes to just under 10 minutes, reduced the background noise, and corrected the brightness and contrast. I have a lot to learn about the GoPro camera settings, and video editing, but I think the video is decent. Let me know what you think!

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